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Success Stories

Jennifer Sholi

Jennifer Sholi Before and After

Jennifer Sholi battled obesity for years and it took a toll on her physical and mental health. Having weight-loss surgery has impacted her life in ways she never imagined it could.

"I have battled obesity for years. Years of my life spent dieting, gaining and losing weight, unable to fully enjoy my life. Years of trial and error took its toll on my physical and mental health. I felt like I only existed, that I was incapable of living a life full of activity and enjoyment. I could not participate in many activities I used to enjoy. I couldn’t go on long walks; I had back problems, joint pain, type 2 diabetes and a litany of medical issues. Psychologically, I hated what I had become. I felt like I wanted to hide and not be seen by anyone. I rarely had photos taken, I avoided mirrors and I tried to hide from the world.

This changed once I had my first consult with Dr. Rekkas and his team at Manatee Weight Loss Center. From my first appointment I was treated as an individual and not a number on a scale. Dr. Rekkas and every single person in his office spoke to me with respect and dignity. I wasn’t embarrassed going to my appointments; I was actually excited for the first time in years. They educated me on the procedure and nutrition. I received top-notch medical care, and everyone was always available to answer any questions I had.  

My life began on May 1, 2017 when I underwent sleeve gastrectomy. This surgery gave me the tools I needed to restart my life, in a healthy way, and lose over 100 pounds within a year. Some may think that having surgery provides an easy solution to obesity but it’s only a tool. What makes the difference is having this tool combined with a staff that is supportive and helpful, and having a physician like Dr. Rekkas who combines his education and skills with the ability to relate to each one of his patients in a caring and compassionate way. I do not regret one minute I’ve spent on this journey. My life has transformed in the last year. I now exercise without pain and I actually enjoy it. I eat healthy food and crave healthy options that I never did before. My children are healthier and we are more active as a family. My choice to have this procedure has impacted my life in ways I never imagined it could. It was honestly the best decision I made for myself and for my children. I highly recommend for anyone who has battled with weight loss to make the appointment and speak to Dr. Rekkas. I am so thankful for Dr. Rekkas and his entire team; they gave me my life back."