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Success Stories

Kathryn Merriken

Before and After photos of Kathryn Merriken

"The best decision I ever made was to walk into Dr. Rekkas’ office and agree to the sleeve gastrectomy surgery."

"My weight-loss journey has been a typical one where I have constantly battled my weight from my teenage years through adulthood. Every now and then I would achieve success, but inevitably, the weight came back, and it always came back in a greater amount than I previously weighed.

I considered the option of weight-loss surgery for some years, and when I learned about and researched the sleeve gastrectomy surgery, I knew I might have finally found THE tool that could help me achieve a goal that had plagued me for 20-plus years. Around the same time, my health had seriously deteriorated, and I found myself in the hospital on several occasions. Finally, my gastroenterologist told me I was too young to be this sick. He recommended I lose 100 pounds. He said I needed to meet Dr. Stelios Rekkas, because he was going to be my lifeline to ending the struggle of losing weight.

It was a prolonged effort to get to the point of surgery, but once there, on May 3, 2017, lying in the hospital bed in the pre-op room, I was not nervous but excited. I was ready to start my new chapter. I had complete faith in Dr. Rekkas as he and his team had guided me very well to that point.

Surgery went smoothly as did my recovery. In fact, approximately one week after the surgery, when I finally felt like moving around a lot more, I wanted to start exercising. But I followed my doctor’s advice and let my body heal properly. A month later, I walked into my neighborhood gym and was set up on the equipment, becoming a regular fixture there five mornings a week.

I reached my goal weight at about nine or 10 months and have managed to lose a bit more. At this point, it isn’t about my weight as much as it is about my lifestyle. I walk three miles five or six days a week. Every meal consists of protein, vegetables, and then, if there is still room, fruit or some carbohydrates, depending on what is cooked or served. I have no trouble attending parties as I either bring a protein-heavy dish, or I eat a yogurt before I go, just in case. Yes, it was hard at first, but it is second nature now. I must admit, it is also a bit about buying all the gorgeous new clothes, but that might just be me.

The best decision I ever made was to walk into Dr. Rekkas’ office and agree to the sleeve gastrectomy surgery. I now live a healthy life supported by wonderful family and friends. I could not ask for more."