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Success Stories

Ken Nyhus

Ken Nyhus

"I am thankful to have the opportunity to say something about Dr. Rekkas. Dr. Rekkas is literally, a lifesaver. I know because he saved mine. After many years of being sick and tired, and morbidly obese, Dr. Rekkas saw something in me that I had not seen in a long time, a life worth saving. I was at my wit's end, feeling ostracized and depressed that I could not walk, or enjoy life with my family as everyone else was with their families. When I went to see Dr. Rekkas, I had given up. I felt there was no real reason to keep going, my outlook was dim.

Dr. Rekkas asked me why I wanted gastric sleeve surgery, and all the reasons I could come up with did not address one key reason. He made me realize, that while getting surgery for my wife, my kids, and my friends, left out the biggest reason.  I needed the surgery, me, myself. Yes, I needed this, I needed to live, there was so much life, I hadn't experienced, I needed this for me.  Getting the surgery to please everyone else was not what I needed, getting the surgery to please me, was the only way to success.

On November 30th 2016, Dr. Rekkas did my operation. I have lost 107 pounds, and I am out of my wheelchair, ambulating now on my own. I feel better, I look better, I am healthier and thanks to Dr. Rekkas I am on my way to living my life, as I should have all along. While my journey is not over, I have taken steps to live. Dr. Rekkas has given me the opportunity of a lifetime.  A "do over" opportunity. His wisdom and expertise have helped me overcome so much. I cannot thank him enough, and I will be forever in his debt."